ME101 Fundamentals of Machinery & Technical Specialties Valuation

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Class Date/Time

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
10:00am-2:00pm Eastern US

Registration Includes 

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  • Electronic student materials

Class Format - Virtual

ASA is offering the opportunity for students to attend this class live via the internet as a remote participant. Virtual students share the same educational experience as the students in the classroom and can participate live just as if they were attending physically.

Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Class provides 4 ASA CE Instructional Hours.

Course Description

This four-hour interactive course provides a high-level overview of general Machinery & Technical Specialties (MTS) valuation concepts.  The course offers a fundamental understanding of the valuation approaches and methods professional MTS appraisers utilize to arrive at an opinion of value.  An introductory case study will be used as wells as individual and group classroom exercises to emphasize other important MTS valuation concepts. Specifically, the course provides an introductory, high-level overview of the following topics:

  • Machinery & Technical Specialties: What It Is and Why It Matters;
  • Standards, Definitions, and Terminology;
  • Identifying the Problem to be Solved
  • Data Collection 
  • The Foundation of Machinery & Technical Specialties Valuation;
    • Introduction to the Sales Comparison Approach;
    • Introduction to the Cost Approach;
    • A Discussion of Income Approach Concepts

Instructional Methods

Instructional methods include lecture, discussion, and individual/group exercises.  An introductory case study will be used to emphasize important MTS valuation concepts. Laptops and/or mobile devices are necessary for this course as students will receive eHandouts throughout the class.

Course Audience

This course is most beneficial to those who are new to the MTS profession, those interested in an introductory study of MTS concepts and/or users of appraisal reports who wish to gain a better understanding the valuation process.  

For those committed to a career in MTS valuation, ASA’s Principles of Valuation (POV) course series (ME201, ME202, ME203 and ME204) is designed to provide a more comprehensive presentation of MTS topics and are the foundation for ASA’s formal accreditation process.  ME101 is not intended as a substitute for these courses.

Financial Assistance

ASA’s Educational Foundation recognizes students who choose to invest their time in appraisal studies by providing assistance to students demonstrating a financial need. Please visit the Educational Foundation's webpage for more information and to download an application.


Zoom Session #1
05/24/2023 at 10:00 AM (EDT)  |  240 minutes
05/24/2023 at 10:00 AM (EDT)  |  240 minutes Passcode: 246327
ME101 Evaluation
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ME101 Certificate
4.00 CPE credits  |  Certificate available
4.00 CPE credits  |  Certificate available