Gems & Jewelry Credentialing Webinar

Webinar Description

Welcome to an exciting opportunity to learn about the credentialing process for Gems & Jewelry appraisers through ASA! 

Join Mary Reich, ASA, the Gems & Jewelry Vice Chair on the International Board of Examiners, as she leads an open discussion on this crucial topic. During this webinar, you will learn about  the requirements for membership, what you need to do to become a credentialed gems & jewelry appraiser with ASA, and most importantly – where to start!

Get ready to learn about ASA’s education, experience, and report writing requirements, along with tips and tricks on how to position yourself for success in passing the peer-review process the first time around. 

But that's not all! Catherine Henne, ASA's Credentialing Specialist for Gems & Jewelry, will also be there to guide you through the online application process and answer any questions you may have related to the administrative part of the process. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain clarity and have fun as you learn about the credentialing process for gems & jewelry appraisers with ASA. 

Webinar Presenters

Mary Reich, ASA, ARM, MGA®

Catherine Henne, Credentialing Specialist for Gems & Jewelry

Webinar Audience

This webinar is open to anyone interested in learning more about ASA's credentialing process and is the first in a series presented by ASA's International Board of Examiners to help applicants, candidates, and others understand and achieve success in earning the Accredited Member or the Accredited Senior Appraiser designation. 

Continuing Education (CE) Information

This webinar does not offer continuing education hours.

Accreditation & Reaccreditation Questions

All gems & jewelry credentialing inquiries can be sent to or to the Credentialing Specialist Catherine Henne at 


Webinar Recording
Recorded 06/14/2023  |  60 minutes
Recorded 06/14/2023  |  60 minutes