BV193 Appraising Real Estate Centered Entities by a Business Appraiser

Webinar Description

RELPs, or "Real Estate Centered Entities" are a common type of business that are often valued by either business appraisers or real property appraisers. This webinar will cover some nuances of these various properties, and suggest methods a business appraiser would use. Alternatively, the business appraiser needs to know when a real estate appraisal is needed, and what to ask for when it is requested.

Webinar Audience

Business valuation professionals

Instructor Information

Robert Schlegel, FASA , Principal | Houlihan Valuation Advisors

Rob Schlegel, FASA, MCBA, is the former International President of ASA. He continues to teach ASA's business valuation courses and has been co-instructor for the RP401 class "Going Concern Valuations". Rob is also licensed or certified as a Real Property Instructor in Virginia, Indiana, and Utah.

Learning Outcomes

Upon webinar completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Learn to identify a RECE assignment;
  • Understand the dynamics of a business appraiser approaching and equity assignment with a primary asset being locational real estate upon which the business derives competitive advantage;
  • Recognize the body of knowledge available in both the Business Valuation and Real Property disciplines concerning valuing RECE properties; and
  • Understand the resources available throughout the ASA for assistance and advice on RECE businesses.


Appraising Real Estate Centered Entities by a Business Appraiser
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Webinar Course Certificate
2.00 CE credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 CE credits  |  Certificate available Open certificate for the option to print.